Industry Excellence
Powered by Values

About SandPro

At SandPro, we prioritize the value in safety, customer commitment, integrity, quality, and teamwork. SandPro, LLC is locally owned and operated out of Berthold, ND, and offers a wide product line for wellhead, sand management, and automation application.
In early 2019, our founders observed a major issue with sand in the oil and gas industry; so SandPro, a sand filtration company, was born. Later in 2019, the wellhead and automation divisions were created when SandPro partnered up with MMA.
MMA is a third-generation family owned wellhead and automation company that shares the same values as SandPro. Together they are bringing quality innovated products to the the international energy market.
SandPro is a solution-based business that has set out to offer a higher level of customer services and innovation new products.

Mission Statement

Industry Excellence
Powered by Values

Vision Statement

By continuing to evolve and adapt, SandPro will lead the Bakken with state of the art and cost-effective solutions for our current and future customers

Core Values


Everyone home safe, Everyday

Customer Commitment

Develop relationships that create successful, positive results while continuing excellent service with transparent communication


Uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions


Provide outstanding products and service that together, deliver premium value to our customers


Work together to meet the needs of our customers as a team and to help all companies succeed while being personally accountable for delivering on our commitment