Sandpro Employee of the Month Jacob Walker

Jacob Walker: March 2024 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to SandPro’s February Employee of the Month, Jacob Walker! Here are a few things Jacob’s co-workers had to say about him and his performance as Operations Support here at Sandpro!

  • “One of the best service technicians we have! He does the job efficiently and correct.”

  • “Jake is always taking the time to do things correctly and is very thorough when showing the people he is training and mentoring.”

  • “Outstanding hand, will complete a task start to finish giving 190%.”

Jake has been with SandPro for a little over a year now and we have been incredibly satisfied with his work ethic, ability to train and mentor new employees, and his positive attitude with whatever challenge he encounters. Thank you, Jake, for everything you do for us here at SandPro!

Looking for a new job? Want to work for a growing company with a family atmosphere? Sandpro is Hiring! Visit our Careers page to see all our openings.

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