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Discover the pinnacle of oilfield automation solutions with Sandpro, your premier partner in valve control and well management. Founded in response to a critical industry challenge surrounding sand in oil and gas operations, SandPro emerged as a leading sand filtration specialist in early 2019. Expanding its offerings to include cutting-edge wellhead technologies and automation solutions through a strategic partnership with MMA later that year, SandPro remains at the forefront of innovation in the oilfield automation sector.

At SandPro, we prioritize the value in safety, customer commitment, integrity, quality, and teamwork
“Industry Excellence Powered by Values.”
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In The Environment

Environmental impact, social responsibility, and customer relations reflecting our governance ethos are deeply ingrained within our cultural platform. These three pillars coalesce to guide us towards a safe and sustainable future for the land we honor and appreciate. SandPro is committed to the safety of the environment, our team, and our customers, as showcased through our values, and the quality we deliver to our patrons.


SandPro’s very existence is founded upon solutions for the gaps missing in the oil and gas industry and our commitment to the environment for future generation.


SandPro is locally owned and operated. We are committed to be an agent of positive change in the community by providing employment opportunities, increasing skill sets for staff and their families and building a program of corporate ‘best practices’ to guide future initiatives.


SandPro is committed to sound financial management. This ensures that we operate in a manner that benefits the local economy and provides employment opportunities for the wider community.


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SandPro Completions

An animated overview of our completions solutions.

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Production - SmartWing

An animated overview of our Automation and SmartWing system.

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Offset Well Pressure Monitoring

An animated overview of our offset well pressure monitoring systems.

Wellhead, Sand Management &
Oilfield Automation Solutions

Our Amazing Team Produces Results

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Own Your Career

Working in our company means taking on the challenge of achieving continuous improvement, as well
as proposing and developing innovative initiatives in an integrated energy company.
Our people are essential to our ability to innovate, achieve, grow and lead. We attract and retain the best talent by investing in our employees and empowering them to develop themselves and their careers.
We believe in progress based on a well-done job and on personal and collective effort.
If you are looking for a career in the oilfield where hard work, commitment to safety, communication and development are rewarded,we want to hear from you.

Partners & Affiliates

Partners & Affiliates