Kayla and Tommy welcome baby Brekkyn Jo Sebastian

Welcoming Brekkyn Jo Sebastian to the SandPro Family!

At SandPro, we pride ourselves on fostering a workplace environment that values not only professional growth but also personal milestones. Today, we’re overjoyed to extend our warmest congratulations to Kayla, our exceptional Office Manager, and her husband Tommy on the arrival of their precious daughter, Brekkyn Jo Sebastian. Brekkyn’s arrival has not only added a bundle of joy to their family but also reinforced our commitment to being a truly family-friendly workplace.

With a supportive team like ours, Kayla and Tommy have found the perfect balance between work and family life. Brekkyn already has her mom, dad and big brother, Bennett wrapped around her sweet little fingers! As we welcome Brekkyn into the SandPro family, we celebrate the bond that unites us beyond our professional endeavors.

In our family-friendly workplace culture, we understand the importance of cherishing these precious moments. Brekkyn’s arrival reminds us of the joy that comes from embracing family milestones together. We’re honored to be a part of Kayla and Tommy’s journey as they navigate the joys of parenthood once again.

Congratulations to Kayla, Tommy, and Bennett on this beautiful addition to your family! Your SandPro family is here to support you every step of the way as you create lasting memories and nurture the bonds that make life truly meaningful. Welcome to the world, Brekkyn Jo Sebastian – you’re already a cherished member of our family-friendly workplace! 🎉👶💕

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