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Production Rod Blowout Preventor, mBOP

The mBOP is a hydraulic actuated design with pressure sensors for increased operational safety.

Manual, remote and automated operations

Fully customizable to meet operator requirements for blind and shear rams

2-way telemetry

Historical DATA references for pressure valves

The mBOP “Rod BOP” is designed to monitor and protect well operations and personnel.
Along with manual and remote operations, automated configurations are available utilizing pressure sensor alarms that are configurable to desired min/max valves. Alarms can be programmed to automatically to perform desired action protecting the well and personnel.
Full 2-way telemetry communication is available to allow current status and historical DATA observation as well as command actions remotely


Effectively monitor and protect well operations and personnel

Effective and reliable offset well protection

Fully Customizable

10K Stuffing Box

Full 2-way Telemetry (observe/command)

Compatible with AutoGrease+
(automatically grease stuffing box and monitor rod rotation)


Reduced site visits

90% reduction in fuel and emissions

90% reduction of human wellsite exposure