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Gas Well Cycling Optimization Solution, mCYLE

Improve gas production using well control optimization.
Developed for mature wells with good pressure recovery, the mCycle valve cycling system improves performance by increasing operating efficiency, reducing mainte – nance cost and maximizing production.

Energy Optimized using Filtered Reservoir Gas

Manual, time based and automated operations

Data communicated via SCADA, telemetry or downloaded from onboard memory

The mCycle valve cycling system accurately and reliably manages the position of the choke ON/OFF position by sensing pressures upstream and downstream of the flow control elements.
Real-time and historical valve data is transferred using the well’s SCADA system. Monthly data is stored in on-board memory and downloaded via RS485, TCP/IP using modbus of Hart communication protocols.
The mCycle valve cycling system is easy to implement at nay well location. It’s low-power, battery-operated control is conveniently charged using on-site power or from solar panel in remote locations.
Safety, reliability, and user-friendly operations are the design principles of the mCycle solution.


+20% Daily Production Improvement

Operation without downtime

Maximizes well cycling

Adaptive Algorithm (Hill Climbing)

Easy Installation

90% reduction of wellsite visits

Full SCADA capability and 2-way telemetry ability